Business continuity

Protect your business from threats, downtime, loss of data and more.

Let Onyxes Technologies skilled team support all your needs from system integrations or disaster recovery to end-point data protection . We are here to secure your every move.

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Business continuity a must have for any business

Here is what some of our customers expect from disaster recovery plans or products:

Businesses are experiencing exploding data growth from users demanding access to data 24-7-365, with an instant access expectation.

The value to our business in having a business continuity plan is how fast our disaster recovery plan kicks in to reduce downtime.

Disaster recovery or backup solutions should be cost effective and easy to implement.

Managed Services

Don’t rely on  in-house skills, make Onyxes Managed Services your go-to for business continuity

With Onyxes skilled team, focus your energy on accelerating your business with a subscription-based services to suit your budget. Contact our sales team to find out how you can access our Capex-as-a-Service model to boost your business through the power of technology.

Business objectives

Make these services a key strategy for your business survival kit:

Disaster Recovery & Protection

Backup & Recovery

Entry, Mid-level or High-end Storage Systems

End-Point Data Protection

Our Bundled Services

Bundled services

Start with the Onyxes Protect services and add the rest.

Insurance for business continuity

Onyxes Rescue

Get insurance for your business and ensure that your rescue plan is always in place, just in case.

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Remote Access & Collaboration, Anytime

Onyxes Anywhere

Make sure your team can work remotely anywhere and collaborate with customers or partners anytime.

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Value to your business

We deliver the following capabilities through the power of technology.

Unlimited capacity for long-term data retention with native, cost effective object storage integration

Easy portability and recovery of ANY on-premises or cloud-based workloads to AWS, Azure and Azure Stack

Increased security and compliance, including GDPR

Powerful capabilities that empower IT and developers to test workloads in order to validate updates, patches, security vulnerabilities, compliance and general recoverability of workloads

Onyxes Protect Overview

Disaster Recovery & Protection

Industry-specific solutions are geared to focus on specific challenges, reducing implementation time.

Backup & Recovery

Our managed services scales as your business needs change. Outsource your challenge areas today.

Storage Systems

Onyxes Technologies Ecosystem enables companies to access end-to-end solutions and services without needing in-house skills.

End-point Data Protection

Continuously monitor endpoints to detect and prevent attacks, keep endpoints safe especially for when accessing your network remotely.

Power your business

Power your business with Onyxes Technologies managed services and industry-specific solutions.